Humanitarian Story

When Children Are Tortured By Poverty


The most beautiful moments a father could ever have in life are those when he sees his children living a normal life, playing with other kids, getting enough food, wearing nice clothes, learning in different schools, and succeeding in their educational and professional lives.


But what it feels like when a father sees his children tortured by poverty?


Indeed! Poverty is an ugly thing, especially in a war-torn country. It gives parents no inner peace and makes them feel worthless to meet the needs of their children.


Looking deep down in his eyes, one can realize how two-thirds of the population still fight for their daily sustenance. Through these eyes, one can also tell how hundreds of thousands of people have badly been hit by the devastating humanitarian crisis.


Ahmed Salem is a father of sixteen children who moved with his family from Ibb governorate to settle in Rada’a district of Al-Bayda governorate. “I believe this crisis is meant to break us and make us give in. My children and I still live on charity and eat leftovers given by restaurants. It is really a shameful and painful feeling when you see yourself unable to meet the needs of your family and unable to protect your children or raise them properly,” Ahmed stated.


Ahmed and his children spend much time sitting beside random markets and restaurants where they can get little money and leftovers to be able to satisfy their dire needs. Ahmed added, “Every day, I see my children begging from the passing shoppers, tolerating the dying sunshine in order to bring the minimum family-requirements.”


The unimaginable pain and suffering of this family comes to a point when enough is enough!


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