BSFP Limits the Growth of Malnutrition


Najla is a caring mother and a loving wife. She is affiliated to a poverty-stricken family, living in the furthest reaches of Al-Udayn district of Ibb governorate. Her cute baby boy – Mohammed, aged 7 months – has been a beautiful godsend for the family. One day, Najla overheard her neighbors talking about a distribution of nutritional supplements for children under two and pregnant and lactating women in a school.


The mother felt happy and quickly brought her seven-month son to that BSFP distribution point (Ajhom FDP) which is supported by RDP. Sara, one of the CNVs, looked at the child with great sorrow, then rolled his sleeves to take the MUAC screening which sadly showed 12 c.m. It was the most painful & shocking moment for the caring mother who had no clue that her child would be acutely malnourished. She was worried sick about her little child.


Sara, the CNV, assured Mohammed’s mother that she would take good care of her son. She immediately referred the son to the closest health facility to receive MAM treatment. Mohammed’s mother felt grateful and became relieved when she knew her son would be receiving free-of-charge therapeutic treatment. And Sara kept her promise by checking up from time to time on the child’s condition. After 105 days of receiving MAM treatment, Mohammed has got recovered and discharged fully cured from the health facility with 13.5 c.m of MUAC screening.



Since then, Mohammed was brought again by his mother to the same BSFP distribution point to be enrolled in the BSFP program and receives monthly nutritional supplements in order to prevent further deterioration of malnutrition. Thanks for the great and considerable support WFP has done to assist us with the blanket supplementary feeding program to help hundreds of vulnerable children in hard-to-reach areas.