Food Security, Humanitarian Story

Needs Persist Amongst the Displaced

While human needs persist amongst displaced people who had been uprooted during the first years of dreadful conflicts and war, are now trying to return to their areas of origin, although many have no option other than find safety far from their homes. Intense hostilities have made 4.3 million people endure the scourge of displacement, living without access to food, water, health, education, protection and other essential services.

With eight years of humanitarian crisis, Al-Hudaydah has been classified as one of the poorest governorates in Yemen with a high level of food insecurity and water scarcity. The displaced families were forced to leave their homes, possessions and livelihoods due to deadly clashes to seek safety for their children. As a case in point, Omar Hassan fled with his 8 children and wife from their house near the college of engineering which was in the front line of conflicting parties in Al-Hudaydah city during 2017 to be settled in Al-Anbar camp for IDPs in Al-Marawah district of Al-Hudaydah gov.

Unfortunately, the camp lacks essential services such as health, water, sanitation, food, and livelihoods. Adding fuel to the fire, the camp was severely damaged in August 2022 as a result of heavy rains and floods that hit Al-Hudaydah and Hajjah governorates. Omar has lost his job and source of income since the day he was displaced. Every day, he struggles to earn a little money to be able to put food on the table. He works from time to time on farms next to the camp to get a living wage, but in most cases the daily wage does not exceed one dollar. Omar and his family wanted to return back to their home, but the area is now restricted as it’s planted with mines which could endanger their lives.

In Oct 2022, RDP team visited many families at the camp, including Omar’s to find out which needs the displaced mostly require to sustain their lives as well as improve their living conditions. Omar has delivered a message which goes by ”Despite many catastrophes and tragedies I have been exposed to, I have not lost faith in Allah and in humanitarian actors to improve the life of displaced families, and that tomorrow will be brighter than today.” “I hope that my voice will reach all humanitarian actors to make relief effort to save thousands of displaced people from starvation and poverty.”