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Crippled By Harsh Living Conditions

After she lost her husband during the dreadful war in Al-Hudaydah governorate, fleeing with her children was the only option to survive.

Maisoon, a young mother in mid-thirties, has never felt much vulnerable & crippled in life until the day her husband passed away – a husband who died fighting for his family’s life. With the escalation of war in late 2018, this poor woman chose to live in hunger than to ever risk her children’s lives on an inevitable death. Tragically, Maisoon had fled with her three kids to Rada’a district of Al-Bayda governorate, where she solely faced many hardships of life.

“I have never seen myself as a woman to become a family header in a different area than that one I spent all my life in! The unbearable living conditions I experienced through the past two years made me realize to which degree a life could be tough and merciless for a marginalized and displaced family,” Maisoon stated in pain.

Unfortunately, Maisoon and her three children are living on charity. They spend too much time on the street – rain or shine – hoping to get money, food, clothes or anything that can meet their dire needs. This compassionate mother added that, “I sometimes see my children fight over food just because we don’t have much. We used to tie a rope around our stomachs to make the children feel less hungry. And I always spend those nights crying after putting my kids to sleep.”

Maisoon’s life is nothing more than a perpetual struggle for survival. There is more of her than what the eyes can meet! Let’s stand ready to support vulnerable families headed by women with relief food assistance to ease off their lives a bit.

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