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The Displaced Face A Myriad Of Challenges!

Fleeing their destroyed house to end up settling in a straw hut! A family who used to rely mostly on farms and livestock as a main source of income but not anymore. Having three meals a day is a luxury that they cannot afford. Children are losing their appetite due to solid waste that is dumped in open spaces. Additionally, the harsh living conditions of displacement made parents crippled to afford schooling for their children, which is most unfortunate. It goes without saying that the war has inflicted much pain and suffering for thousands of families, including those of women-head households in Al Hudeidah governorate.

Sua’d Abdullah Obaid is a displaced mother at the age of 39 years old, who used to live with her paralyzed husband and four children (2 boys – 2 girls) in Bayt Al-Faqih district of Al-Hudeidah governorate. When the war broke out in 2017 and armed-conflicts intensified in different parts of Al-Hudeidah, Sua’d had no other option but to flee the area (Bayt Al-Faqih) to end up settling in Al Marawi’ah district within the governorate. Although displacement brought them safety and security, the family still fights to put food on the table. Their situation was further aggravated, facing a colossal gap of food, water, health, sanitation, and protection services. Above all, most of the displaced, including Sua’d’s family, reside in inadequate shelter conditions, often without essential household items.

“Lack of cash would’ve cost me my husband’s life. He suffered a stroke, but I couldn’t do anything about it due to the grinding poverty. Sadly, my husband’s health condition worsened even more, inducing instant paralysis.” Sua’d said to express the pain of poverty. The mother’s eldest son has not reached the age of 18 yet. He is now responsible for supporting the family.

Sometimes the son works in agricultural lands in the area and at times in the nearby hatcheries for poultry to earn some money in order to afford the basic necessities of life, most importantly his father’s medicine.

The generous contribution of Sign of Hope (SoH) through RDP will satisfy the dire needs of 110 displaced families, including Sua’d’s family, and will bring a decent life for all targeted IDPs who are listed in the emergency and integrated response project for food security, livelihoods, water, sanitation and hygiene in Al-Marawa’a district of Al-Hodeidah governorate.