Food Security

Such Life-saving Assistance!


Months ago, a large family was struggling to meet food and medication needs. 16 family members are living in a small three-room house built with mud, and they earn a small income of about 70,000 riyals per month. The earning this vulnerable family gets may afford either food for children or drugs for parents with chronic illnesses. Until June, 2019, the family was registered within the general food assistance (GFA) supported by WFP, to cover their food needs on a monthly basis.


Mohammed Ali Ahmed Al-Baqal, 68 years old, lives in a small house in Qa’a Rada’a area, Wald Rabi district of Al-Bayda governorate. 20 years ago, he sadly got a stroke which left him bedridden ever since. Mohammed is now suffering from Hemiplegia – a condition caused by a brain injury that results in a varying degree of weakness, stiffness and lack of control in one side of the body.


What is more tragic is that Mohammed’s wife has recently got the same illness, Hemiplegia. His two sons are the only ones taking full responsibility for their parents, wives, aunt and their children. They are daily workers – one is a motorcyclist & the other is a mechanic – who earn a daily wage of not more than 5 dollars, comparing to the huge family burden of 16 members.


“At times, I wish I had good health so that I can be able to shoulder a little responsibility beside my two sons, who leave home at the crack of dawn and return late at night, seeking work to cover food and medication needs. But the relief food assistance provided by RDP and supported by WFP made it possible for us to afford all necessary medications for me and my loving wife. I do feel grateful for such life-saving assistance.” Mohammed stated.