Food Security

It Helps Us Survive!


After the tragic car accident that left him permanently paralyzed at the age of thirty, the man relied heavily on a small farm for his income. He ensured his children go to bed well fed every night. But everything changed for the worst when war started off.


Aiysh Alhaydi, 47 years old, lives with his wife and four children in Qaa Radaa sub-district of Wald Rabie district, Al Bayda governorate. 17 years ago, he had a horrific car accident while working in transporting goods from one place to another by his car which led to the amputation of his legs. Aiysh said, “I realize how excruciating it is to see my children suffering and not able to do anything to help them. Yes, both of my legs have been taken, but I am deeply thankful for having other parts of my body.”


After the accident, Aiysh’s children started working in the farm, growing and harvesting crops to be sold in order to buy their needs. This farm has been the only source of income for the whole family to cover their basic necessities. However, everything changed when the war started off.


“My children had to stop working in the farm due to high cost of water and fuel that we used to have as critical part for growing crops. What we have now is not enough! It has been so difficult to afford money for our basic needs and my medical treatment. I am also diabetic and my surgery hasn’t healed yet,” Aiysh stated.


Thanks to the continuous support of WFP, RDP has been able to respond to the food needs of this vulnerable family since June, 2019. The relief food assistance – Aiysh receives from RDP supported by WFP – eases off the pain and suffering for him and his family, especially in this very time and age. “Food is very important for all of us. It alleviates our suffering and helps us survive,” Aiysh said.