Food Security

Saving Lives From Falling Even Deeper Into Hunger

Mumbling to herself with a prayer mixed with a pale voice and eyes filled with tears of life’s suffering and cruelty. Reminiscing about the nights she spent thinking of the huge amount of pain and agony her children had to endure.  For the first time in a while, experiencing a moment of great joy and happiness after a long battle with hunger, lacking the most basic needs of daily sustenance.

Qabul is a mother of 7 children who has struggled enough to make a living for four daughters and three sons.  She lives in Al-Malagim district of Al-Bayda Governorate. Her husband is an elderly man who became unable to move out of bed while her oldest son is mentally ill. “I have been struggling for almost ten months without food rations. Until March 2019, I felt a huge surge of relief and happiness when you started handing food baskets out to my family, benefitting in a way that brings us convenience to reach at a point where we no longer buy from the market. And most importantly, you continue delivering such relief food assistance.”  Qabul added.

The food basket, which is given to aunt Qabul and her family members on a monthly basis within the emergency general food assistance project implemented by RDP, has a significant effect on the improvement and stability of their living situation and helped them become relatively stable, after lacking the most basic necessities of life.

We are forever grateful for the generous support we continue to receive from the World Food Programme (WFP) that helps us provide crucial assistance to most in need families who require urgent humanitarian aid to sustain and save their lives from falling even deeper into hunger.