Food Security

Reaching Those Who Need It Most – The Marginalized for Instance

For many of the most marginalized, even meeting basic needs is often not possible. The marginalized suffer in silent through lack of water, food, health, clothing, warmth and shelter. The non-meeting of basic needs may lead to an inadequate nutritional daily intake.

The combined efforts of RDP together with WFP have helped prevent further deterioration in households’ food insecurity and ensured that effective humanitarian action quickly reached those who need it most.

Asiri Ali Masawa, who is in his late thirties, assumes responsibility for an extended family of 11 members.  This family is recognized as the most vulnerable for being marginalized and displaced, going through harsh living conditions, extreme poverty and non-source of income. Asiri and his family members are living under the poverty line in a slum situated in As Sawadiya district of Al-Bayda Governorate.

Since Feb 2019. Asiri’s family has been receiving food baskets on a monthly basis to help sustain their life and ease up the tough times they are going through. The emergency general food assistance project has brought hope and happiness to tens of thousands of vulnerable people – including this neediest family – in Wald Rabi, Al-Malagim and As Sawadiya districts of Al-Bayda Governorate.

“Thanks for such life-saving assistance. It is my children whom I’m concerned about…children with so much potential, so many hopes and dreams.” Asiri added.