As If There Were a Race Between us and Death

”Those five children are pieces of my heart. They are still too young to have a death-wish. I have been fleeing from one place to another to protect them. As if there were a race between us and death; as if we did not deserve a chance to take our breath” said Salehah hopelessly.

Several years back, Salehah’s husband ended up being jobless due to the human tragedy that Yemeni people are going through. As a result, Salehah has been forced to become one of those mothers who are mainly fighting and struggling to stay alive with her five children, hoping to have enough strength to survive.

When death had become her daily fear, Salehah left her home and moved from khirran Al-Muharraq district of Hajjah Governorate to Al Qanawis district of Al-Hudayda Governorate. Fortunately, she stayed in a neighborhood that is considered as an IDPs camp which is called (Howsh mozabet).

Leaving their city was not an option, but what made their case worse was the fact that they could not afford the basic food needs which painfully caused her two children to become acutely malnourished. ”Too much to take and too much to handle. How could a woman by her own survive such a harsh situation which is armed to the teeth!! ” Said Salehah.

RDP is always there for those who are about to lose hope of surviving. Salehah’s family was one of the targeted HHs of our unconditional emergency cash transfer project which has been implemented in Al-Qanawis district, serving most vulnerable and affected IDPs for three consecutive months. Consequently, Salehah’s life had been improved and she started to feel secured during the project lifetime.

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