Nutrition, Success Story

Saving Hundreds of Moderately Acutely Malnourished Children


A fifteen-month-old child lives with her poor family in a holy Quran class in Al-Mashjep area of As Silw district. A family consists of six siblings, a father who is unable to work and an illiterate mother. A family left to suffer from the scourge of destitution.

The innocent child “Malak” was suffering from moderate acute malnutrition. This child is devoured by the deadly disease that caused severe weight loss. Her father suffers as well from kidney failure and needs constant care and dialysis for life which costs them a lot of money and effort in transporting to health centers that are miles away from the remote village.

Poverty is the only leading cause of deteriorating the health condition of this adorable little child. Painfully, this vulnerable family wholly depends on the wheat flour, vegetable oil and beans distributed monthly in the village as they have no source of income to afford the basic needs of life.

Malak’s mother heard one of the community nutrition volunteers talking about health facilities providing free nutrition supplements for moderately acutely malnourished children. That was the time when the mother took her child with hope in her eyes to Al-Mashjep health facility which is supported by RDP in As Silw district of Taizz Governorate. Malak’s mother was advised that these nutritional supplements should be used within a week, and then she has to report back to the same health center for a follow-up.

Three weeks later, Malak has become totally cured unlike the one who came three weeks ago. Hopefully, the compassionate mother couldn’t be happier to see such remarkable changes in her little cute daughter, and how these nutritional supplements positively affected her baby.