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Children Are Hungry for Education

Illiteracy is the enemy of every child!

Every child has the right to education, regardless of crises, conflicts or even wars. However, some rural areas have no schools. The nearest school is situated in a different area which takes children two or three hours to get there on foot, crossing every valley and mountain to seek education.

In fact, access to education is a major challenge in Marib Governorate. In remote villages, schools are often far away and difficult to reach. The distance from home to school is one of the reasons that countless number of children are out of school.

In Al-Sa’adia area of Jabal Murad district, all residents have recently established a temporary school of two learning classrooms to enable their children fulfill their hopes and dreams. It is unfinished school that lacks the basic elements of education. It has no doors, furniture, supplies and most importantly, its walls are without restoration.

This picture is worth a thousand words. The eagerness and enthusiasm for learning can be seen through the eyes of these children… children who are in acute need of school kits… children who deserve to be taught in an appropriate context.

It is not a matter of today; it is solely a matter of tomorrow!

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