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Children Emaciated By Malnutrition

Somewhere, a child is sleeping with an empty stomach! The world we know is almost gone, but keeping our humanity is a choice.

Every child in Yemen needs emergency aid, famine relief in particular. Hundreds of thousands of children are born to poverty-stricken families which makes them more susceptible to malnutrition.

Badr, a four-year old child, together with his three other brothers have become victims of malnutrition as a result of poor living conditions. Badr lives with his sick parents and eight siblings in a remote village called “Al-Kadamah” within Al-Qafr district of Ibb Governorate. Both parents are suffering from chronic illnesses and unable to afford buying their own drugs nor to feed their little children.

This innocent child and his family do not own a house but a room in one of the villagers’ backyard. Sadly, the whole family relies on leftovers given by neighbors to feed their empty bellies as they have no source of income.

It is so sorrowful to see such a scene, but what is way more painful is to see the bodies of children become much weaker with hunger in front of you. Their skins get smaller as if they were elderly, and their limbs are not able to move an inch. None of their facial expressions could be recognized clearly other than big soulful eyes.