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But My Home Is Miles Away!

“I’m physically here but spiritually out there. My home is miles away, specifically in an area destroyed by the war. There is no sorrow much greater than being forced to leave behind my house,” said Ibrahim’s mother.

Two years ago, Ibrahim, a 43-year-old man, displaced with his family members – mother, wife, 3 children – from Bajil district of Al Hudaydah governorate due to the intensified conflicts and war.  He fled to Rada’a district of Al-Bayda governorate where there would be a good chance of survival.

The family perhaps survived the war by fleeing to a safe place, but having the idea of lack of food, water, and medical care could be another war for them. Unfortunately, the man works very hard to earn a living wage, struggling to provide his family with basic needs. He sometimes cannot afford buying medicines for his sick mother, who suffers from hepatitis.

Sadly, Ibrahim’s mother requires monthly drugs as prescribed by the doctors. By then, he couldn’t stop thinking how to provide these drugs for his mother on a regular basis.

Therefore, RDP in partnership with Sign of Hope e.V has supported 90 most affected families of IDPs, including Ibrahim’s and provided them with two rounds of unconditional cash transfer assistance which contributed greatly to increasing access to daily sustenance and medical care in Rada’a district of Al-Bayda governorate.

By receiving cash assistance for two consecutive rounds, Ibrahim has been able to buy his mother’s drugs for six months ahead.