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Solar Energy Brings Life Back to People And Environment


In Bani Mubariz sub-district of Al-Qafr district, Ibb governorate, more than 30% of Bait Al-Hafi residents are desperately looking for a drop of water to quench their thirst as they cannot afford to pay a monthly cost to get water.

In fact, the engine that pumps water from Al-Hafi well requires a huge amount of diesel. The average diesel consumption is about 2 diesel barrels for every 6 hours a day to fill the main reservoir located above the mountain that feeds the entire area; therefore, paying a monthly cost to get water increases the burden of those vulnerable residents whose main concern is how to get their daily sustenance.

The situation in Bait Al-Hafi was considered dire. Water was pumped once or twice a month to the houses through the water network which is connected from the main reservoir.

“Every home has to pay 1,000 YER per unit of water (1 cubic meter) which doubles our suffering, especially these days where every family is fighting and struggling for survival,” Basam Jarban, one of the beneficiaries, stated.


RDP, supported by YHF, has been able to replace the old engine with a better one that works by solar energy which contributes to maintaining public health, and has installed 24,480 W of solar panel system within the activities of the WASH response project in Khayran Al Muharraq district of Hajjah governorate and Al Qafr district of Ibb governorate.



The residents showed great happiness and satisfaction about this major accomplishment which will change their lives radically. They won’t have to pay a monthly cost to get sufficient and clean drinking water anymore.