696 Awareness-Raising Campaigns to Educate 11,618 Individuals about Health & Nutrition Key Messages

Awareness raising campaigns are recognized as the most efficient and effective means of communicating information especially to the general public with low literacy. Through June, 2019, RDP launched 696 awareness campaigns through 294 Community Nutrition Volunteers (CNVs) to benefit 11,681 people in the second and third tiers around the supported 52 health facilities in Fara Al-Udayn, Hazm Al-Udayn, Mudhiakhera and Al-Udayn districts of IBB Governorate.

Initially, the aim of conducting these campaigns was to create awareness on crucial health, nutrition, hygiene, and Infant Young Child Feeding (IYCF) key messages, and to increase the community awareness and prevention capacity in order to decrease the prevalence of acute malnutrition, communicable diseases, maternal mortality…etc. among the general population.

Additionally, brochures and posters containing illustrations and some medical instructions on important health key messages were designed and printed to be distributed during the sessions. Clearly, the awareness campaigns our CNVs have conducted were targeting many villages within the four districts – including people of different age groups and both genders.

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