Unlike Any Other Tragedy, the Family’s Living Conditions Are Heartbreaking!

When a disabled young woman assumes greater responsibilities for her sisters and crippled parents just because she is the oldest member in the family! When a disabled young woman has nothing to do but to clean houses and schools just to put food on the table! During this intolerably humanitarian situation, the young woman fights hard to keep the family running.

However, this woman often wishes she had never come to life! There comes times of hardships when she had to choose between getting her sick father the needed medicines and bringing food for her hungry sisters. Unlike any other tragedy, the family’s living conditions are heartbreaking!

Zahra’, a thirty-year old woman, lives with her parents and two sisters in IDPs collective site, Bajil district of Al-Hudaydah governorate. Despite her disability, Zahra’ looks after her crippled father who had a stroke 7 years ago and works every day in schools and houses to secure her elderly mother and little sisters.  Still, the difficult situation has hit them so greatly to the point where one meal is all what they have per day. The family has had enough suffering from food insecurity and lack of healthcare.