Food Security

19,600 Individuals Are Benefitting From April Distribution Cycle of Cash Transfer Assistance

Our FSL team launched the third distribution cycle of unconditional vouchers/cash transfer assistance in four sub-districts (Alasabeh- Alhadharim- Adeem- Alzakira (Alhaqnoon) of Ash Shamayatan district, Taizz Governorate, benefitting a total number of 2,800 HHs of 19,600 individuals disaggregated (3,842 men, 3,998 women, 5,762 boys and 5,998 girls).

On Tuesday, 30th of April, BCFHD and RDP conducted the third distribution cycle of cash assistance vouchers to all beneficiaries in the targeted areas of Adeem and Hadharim. The distribution team members accompanied by the FSL team members headed to the FDPs with enthusiasm and readiness to ensure providing all the beneficiaries with their cash assistance vouchers to help them have an access to sufficient nutritious food for an active and healthy life.

Beneficiaries were as usual organized in two lines one for men and another for women to ensure protecting the beneficiaries from any kinds of abuse and maintain their dignity as a priority. In the meantime, beneficiaries were briefed and enlightened about their rights and the cash transfer amount to be received from the cash transfer points (Al-Kuraimi Bank).

Eventually, 2800 HHs have received their cash assistance of April cycle. Happiness and satisfaction were obvious on the beneficiaries’ faces in the targeted areas during the distribution process of cash assistance vouchers as they went immediately to the cash transfer points, Alkuraimi Bank, in Ash shamayatayn district of Taizz governorate to receive their cash assistance amounts.