Food Security

Launching April Cycle of General Food Distribution (GFD) to 53,410 Individuals

Al Bayda is one among other suffering governorates of Yemen, where the majority of its inhabitants are extremely food insecure. Consequently, Relief and Development Peer Foundation (RDP) is implementing the “Emergency General Food Distribution project in three districts (Wald Rabe’e, Al Malagim, As Swadyah) of Al Bayada and which is funded by World Food Programme (WFP). The major objective of the project is to scale up the emergency food assistance to the most affected and vulnerable HHs and distribute in-kind assistance for (7630) households.

RDP launched April distribution cycle of “General Food Assistance for the most Vulnerable Households” in (Wald Rabe’e, Al Malagim, As Swadyah) districts of Al-Bayda Governorate, benefitting 7,630 HHs of 53,410 individuals disaggregated (21,364 men, 22,219 women, 4,806 boys, 5,021 girls). Each food basket consists of 75 Kgs of wheat flour, 10 Kgs of beans, 4 liters of vegetable oil, 2.5 Kgs of sugar, 0.5 Kg. of salt.