Training FSL Distribution Team on the Distribution Process and Protection Aspects

20 members (10 males, 10 females) of our FSL distribution team have been trained on the protection aspects, code of conduct, and the distribution process of cash assistance transfer. The workshop mainly intended to train and strengthen the distribution team skills and ensure their readiness to go to the field and manage the distribution of cash assistance transfer expeditiously.

As distribution activity is deemed the most crucial activity in implementing the emergency food assistance for the most vulnerable households in Ash Shamayatayn project, it needs to be fully prepared for. The first thing to be considered in this regard is training the distribution team members and ensure that all distribution team members are well trained and sufficiently, adequately guided. Committed to achieving all the project goals successfully, BCFHD and RDP conducted a training workshop which was held on 16th of February, 2019. The training ensured that all participants have the ability to implement and manage the distribution process efficiently, are aware of all protection criteria and deal with all beneficiaries in a very flexible way, and can tackle all potential challenges, obstacles during the distribution process with ease.

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