The First Distribution of Unconditional Vouchers/Cash Transfer in Ash Shamayatayn District

Our FSL team members have launched the first distribution cycle of unconditional vouchers/cash transfer in four sub-districts (Alasabeh- Alhadharim- Adeem- Alzakira (Alhaqnoon) of Ash Shamayatan district Taizz Governorate, reaching a total number of 2,800 HHs – 19,600 individuals disaggregated (3,842 men, 3,998 women, 5,762 boys and 5,998 girls).

Distribution of assistance is regarded the principle objective of humanitarian assistance projects. In this regard, BCFHD and RDP FSL teams worked tirelessly conducting many activities including beneficiaries’ registration ensued by verification process only to achieve the objective of distributing the cash assistance to the most vulnerable households in Ash Shamayatayn district of Taizz governorate.

On 19/2/2019 RDP team conducted a meeting with the Food Management Committees of the targeted areas to approve the final database of beneficiaries and more importantly coordinating with the FMCs and informing them about the distribution process mechanism and the distribution points. The FMCs were also familiarized with the exact amount of money that will be given to beneficiaries (29,700) YR.

On 22/2/2019, a day before the distribution process, RDP team had conducted a meeting with the distribution team members on the purpose of providing them with the cash assistance vouchers, equipment needed for the distribution process including complaint boxes, banners, and all documents needed during the distribution process. Additionally, the distribution team members were informed about the timely, detailed plan putting following it strictly and precisely into account. They were also divided into small groups and informed about their assignments according to the timely, detailed plan provided to them previously.

On 23/2/2019 the distribution team members were available early in the distribution points which were seven points over the four targeted areas; they all collaborated to facilitate and make the distribution as thriving as the previous activities of the project. During the distribution process, beneficiaries were divided into two lines- one for men and another for women- organized in a very wonderful way putting protection criteria into consideration and giving a higher priority to elderlies and people with physical, mental disabilities. Beneficiaries were also enlightened about their rights.

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