5,899 Children and 747 PLW Have Received TSFP Services

Over 2 million Children under 5 (CU5) and 1.14 million Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLW) are acutely malnourished. Hence TSFP interventions are significant to improve these statistics and to ensure the well-being of Yemeni children. RDP has been supporting 52 health facilities with TSFP services along with 8 mobile teams and 283 Community Nutrition Volunteers to serve CU5 and PLW who are suffering from moderate acute malnutrition over four districts. During the reported period, an achieved total number of 5,899 children (2,626 boys, 3,273 girls) and 747 PLW have received TSFP services. 18, 195 children (8,872 boys, 9,323 girls) and 7,577 PLW were screened for identification of malnutrition.

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