Right To Be Heard

“I am starving … I never ate a piece of bread … You are my brothers, aren’t you?!” It was said at the last gasp by an extremely needy citizen whose life was nothing more than excruciating pain and starvation.

On Thursday Nov 16th, 2017, pathetic pictures of a poverty-stricken citizen, who nearly died out of hunger, were widely spread through social networking websites. People at first had their deepest sympathy towards this tragic incident, and their hearts went out to his painful condition. Then, the thought of being the next victims had occupied their minds because they all live in the same community afflicted by the war, and they are used to getting no food most of the time.

Looking at this needy citizen’s tragic pictures is by far the worst feeling a human being could ever have, yet what is way much worse than that is believing one day their pictures will be widespread all over the mass media just like what happened to this most in need citizen.

“You’re my brothers, aren’t you?!”

This sentence was full of painful emotion and had all people affected to see such a citizen suffering to death and not able to do a thing about it other than taking him to the hospital as an unidentified man.

As estimated, 21 million Yemeni people are in acute need for immediate humanitarian assistance – including 7 million who are already on the brink of famine. Among other cities in Yemen, Taizz is the most conflict affected area where the largest humanitarian tragedy is found.

So sorrowful do people feel when they see such touching pictures of their own family merely because the situation in Yemen which has been always deteriorating. Yemeni citizens have no peace of mind, and they are just waiting until it is their turn to become exactly like the one in the picture.

Thus, a question goes to every living soul, isn’t time to wake up your conscience and take action or keep turning a blind eye to whatever is going on in Yemen?

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