A Pledge to Never Cease Saving Thousands of Lives

Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, has been overwhelmed by a humanitarian crisis that deteriorates by the day. Of all countries in the world, Yemen is facing a crisis of economic inequality at a scale never before seen. Deadly clashes and airstrikes are by all means the leading cause of death for too many Yemeni people who have become unable to afford food in order to feed their families.

Dreadful what is happening around Yemen! To such a degree do Yemeni citizens become starving that 3 to 4 people are announced dead every single day. Unless they are provided with enough humanitarian support, the number of casualties will gradually increase day by day.

Among other organizations & humanitarian agencies, Relief and Development Peer Foundation has pledged to help vulnerable people who are suffering from food insecurity by providing them with sufficient access to food baskets. Accordingly, RDP has been implementing the project of Food Security Response for most Affected & Vulnerable Households in three targeted sub districts ” Bani Ahmed – Al-Ahmol – Al-Aqiba,” in  Fara Al-Udain district, Ibb governorate, which was funded by Yemen Humanitarian Pool Fund ( YHPF ) from the period of July 1st to December 31st, 2017.

Food Security Response for most Affected & Vulnerable Households was designed to reach a number of 670 beneficiaries with either malnourished children “Severe Acute Malnutrition. Moderate Acute Malnutrition”(SAM / MAM) or pregnant & lactating women (PLW) admitting to CMAM program as being the most food insecure and vulnerable groups in community.

From November 19th to November 26th, 2017, the second distribution round of food voucher out of three distribution rounds was successfully delivered in two different distribution points “Al-Mazahen & Al-Sundaqh markets” which are easy to be reached by people of the three sub districts. Additionally, food baskets have been smoothly distributed to the targeted beneficiaries from Nov 27th to Nov 30th,2017. Each basket contains the following food items

  • 75 Kg of white wheat
  • 10 Kg of red beans
  • 8 liters of vegetable oil
  • 3 Kg of sugar
  • 1 Kg. of salt

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