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Reaching the Unreachable

A rugged mountainous road has become a nightmare for all people living out there. It has caused much pain and suffering for many inhabitants as a few people’s lives were tragically lost due to a car flipping over. On top of that, this road makes it even difficult and somehow risky for humanitarian actors to provide life-saving assistance for the vulnerable who inhabit these areas.

Al-Qaweem road is located in Al-Hareeb district of Marib Governorate. For years, the vulnerable in this district keep suffering from a huge lack of medical care, shortage of clean water and livelihood activities such as rehabilitation of community assets and infrastructure. Truth be told, one cannot cover their living expenses since prices are just doubled. It costs people a lot of money to get food or drugs because of the difficulty of transporting stuff through this long jagged road.

In fact, the poor access to simple services, especially health care made a large number of patients greatly suffer from severe pain as they cannot afford to be taken to health facilities outside the district. Unfortunately, a few pregnant women had a miscarriage while driving on this bumpy road, trying to go to the city hospital.

Even though the situation continues to deepen in Marib Governorate, Hareeb district in particular, RDP in partnership with UNICEF has been supporting crisis-affected places, including Marib by assessing WaSH services in 263 health facilities, 24 of which are situated in Marib Governorate and rehabilitating 40 health facilities as well over six governorates.