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Cancer Survivor


Millions all around the world are diagnosed with cancer each year. And while it is painfully tragic that many lose the battle with this awful decease, there are also millions of individuals who fought and survived. Among these cancer survivors is a mother of eight children.

Najat is a woman with eight children, who had been struggling from uterine cancer for a while. She lives with her husband and children under the poverty line in Al Qafr district of Ibb Governorate. “I felt much pain, but I ignored it and kept looking after my children. Until one day, the pain got much worse and spread all over my body. Suddenly, I became unconscious,” stated Najat.

Najat never thought that she had a cancer until the day she was taken by her husband to one of our supported health facilities in Al-Qafr district. Her medical condition was critical. Our health workers decided to conduct a CBC examination as a first procedure. It was a horrific shock when the result showed 4g/dl and ESR 65.

Our health workers had nothing in hand but to refer Najat to the General Revolution Hospital in the downtown of Ibb, where she had taken a CT scan, confirming that Najat has a malignant tumor in the womb. Najat never wanted to see this moment coming for her children and husband as she had bitterly endured this pain by herself for a long time.

With the constant follow-up and help of our health workers to this delicate case, Najat was transferred to the Oncology Center in Sana’a Governorate for an operation to eradicate the tumor. Fortunately, the operation went successfully. Happiness can be seen through her children’s eyes when they knew their mom got fully recovered.