Increasing Access of Vulnerable People to Vital Health Services

In Taizz governorate, RDP continues to provide essential healthcare services within the emergency minimum service package project (MSP), funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF), in five health facilities (Al Thawra, Al Qatin, Al Akaysha, Al Farooq, and Al Aqsa). The project improves access to essential health services for most vulnerable and affected population including IDPs in collective sites through the provision of public health services, communicable diseases prevention and control, minimum initial service for RH, immunization, operational support, essential supplies and equipment as well as incentives for health staff.

During September, RDP served 1,035 reproductive health cases (972 ANC, 63 ND/PNC), vaccinating 738 children and providing medical consultations to 11,195 individuals in five health facilities, As Silw district, Taizz governorate. Through outreach activities, RDP has been able to reach a number of 1,899 individuals within the second and third catchment areas, including vulnerable IDPs in collective sites. Additionally, 17,554 individuals were benefitted from the awareness sessions conducted by our CHVs on health key messages.