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Famine Is Looming Threateningly And 16.2 M Yemenis Are Facing Acute Hunger

Being a child in Yemen means to suffer immensely from preventable diseases, sustain inadequate food rations, struggle against a prolonged conflict, endure tough living conditions, and on top of that fight for survival. All in all, a child’s life is and has always been in grave jeopardy since the war started off in 2015.

It’s almost unheard of that in a nation of 30 million people, 16.2 million are marching towards starvation. Even though the generosity of donors and their significant contributions make a difference, the country still requires a huge food aid to avert famine, especially those in rural reaches where almost all basic needs are not available and can’t be obtained. In Al-Bayda governorate, thousands of families are suffering immensely from food insecurity, health care, water shortages and other basic needs. Number of malnourished children are increasing day after day.

While famine is looming threateningly and 16.2 million Yemenis are facing acute hunger, RDP has been collaborating with World Food Programme (WFP) to deliver a total amount of 658.358 (MTs) of food baskets every second month to 53,405 most affected and neediest people as well as tens of vulnerable households of IDPs through the general food assistance in Al Malagim, Wald Rabi, and As Sawadiya districts of Al-Bayda governorate.

Barakah, a woman in her seventies, has been benefitting from the general food distribution since 2018. “After the death of my husband, I was burdened with responsibilities for five daughters and kept fighting to put food on the table. I have endured the toughest living conditions and never gave up saving my children. In fact, I felt safe and delighted the day I was listed in the general food distribution program.” Barakah stated.