Healthcare Assistance Is a Lifeline to Thousands of Needy Children

Tayaran Mohammed, a 43 year-old father, lives in As Silw district of Taiz governorate. He has a family consisting of a wife and two children, one of whom is a boy whose name is Abkar and is 4 and a half years old, and the second is a girl whose name is Rawabi, who is 3 years old.

Tayaran owns a simple house consisting of two rooms, one of which is for sleeping, sitting and dining, and the other room is used as a kitchen and a store for furniture such as blankets, mattresses, food and others. Tayaran and his family have been living for more than five years in complete darkness as a result of the lack of electricity and their inability to obtain any other source of light.

After a long period, the father collected some money to meet the value of simple solar energy to obtain the light and bought solar energy. The thing is that the battery was placed in the kitchen room where the furniture is located, so an electrical signal occurred in the wire connected from the plate to the battery, which caused the burning of the wire and the bed next to it. The two children were sleeping in the room next to the kitchen room. The smoke of the burning mattresses, blankets, and furniture made both children suffocate.

There were two men passing by the side of the burning house, so they risked themselves, broke the door and entered to help the two children. The two men immediately took the children to Al-Aqsa health unit, supported by RDP and in collaboration with YHF in As Silw district of Taizz governorate. The health workers were ready to receive any emergency cases and carried out the process of resuscitation of the two children, but unfortunately the girl “Rawabi” had passed away, while the boy “Abkar” responded to the resuscitation process.

And the child began to wake up from his coma and began to breathe back to normal gradually. Knowing that if the child’s first aid was delayed for less than ten minutes, he would have died. Fortunately, Al-Aqsa health unit was no longer closed and deserted as it was before the MSP intervention. Otherwise, many children would’ve been considered dead if such accidents had happened to them. We are truly grateful for the generous support we continue to receive from Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) that helps us provide essential healthcare assistance to those most in need in As Silw district of Taizz governorate.