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IDPs Face a Colossal Food Security Crisis in Rada’a District


So agonizing does it feel when a family is being affected and coerced into leaving its own house and source of income due to circumstances beyond its control. People’s fear of their lives will absolutely lead them to displace to places where they find safety since they have been adversely impacted by the war.


A massive number of people from Al-Hudaydah displaced to Rada’a district, which is a secure place to live. The war was the only primary reason for those civilians to abandon their houses; however, hunger was another war that made them suffer to death.


16 months ago, Naima, a woman in her seventies, fled with her daughters and grandchildren to settle in a small house in Rada’a district of Al-Bayda governorate. She has two daughters, one of whom suffers from cancer and the other one is widowed. Her daughter with cancer used to receive free medical care when she was living in Al Hudaydah through the National Foundation for Cancer which she cannot get anymore since she moved to Al Bayda governorate. She cannot get free health care service in hospitals and health centers in Al Bayda governorate without paying the costs of the medicines which is at least 70,000 YER (100 EUR) per month.


Her two grandsons are the ones assuming responsibility, working on motorcycles to earn a living. The earning they get sometimes doesn’t cover all their basic needs, especially health and food needs. The family wholly relies on the assistance and charity provided by neighbors.


Therefore, RDP, in partnership with Hoffnungszeichen, works together to reduce the colossal food security crisis among areas where most affected IDPs and marginalized are settled. The emergency food assistance project aims to provide vulnerable households with sufficient access to food baskets for two consecutive rounds starting from November, 2020. The project targets 120 HHs of 776 individuals disaggregated as (144 men, 142 women, 241 boys, 249 girls) of IDPs and most vulnerable marginalized in Rada’a district of Al-Bayda governorate.

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