Even Incapable of Looking After Herself



In one dark and abandoned room, an elderly woman had lived happily with her lifelong partner and two children even though there were severe constraints on basic necessities of life. She never felt much vulnerable in times of hardships until the day her husband passed away.

Until then, the burden of responsibility became much greater and intolerable for her. Despite all difficulties, this woman never gave up and devoted her entire life to look after her two children, cutting down some pieces of wood and preparing them to be sold.  Years later, she became older and incapable of serving her own children even herself.

Tragically, Saeeda Ahmed Shamsan, a woman in her seventies, lives under the poverty line with her son and daughter in one abandoned room in Al-Asabih sub-district of Ash Shamayatayn district of Taizz Governorate. Saeeda has been suffering from chronic diseases including heart disease and arthritis, and thus she encouraged her older child “Majid” to complete his studies so that he could work and bring home the basic needs for living.

Unfortunately, tough circumstances have coerced Majed to drop his studies and start looking for a job. He was working in a restaurant until the conflict has deepened and escalated in Taizz Governorate. Majid has disappointedly returned home to take care of his mother and younger sister.

What a tragedy! The life of this vulnerable family has become nothing more than a perpetual struggle for survival.

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