A Mother To Die For!


If a disease is a source of concern for a human life, then poverty is the main threat for their safety and stability in life. For four years, Yemen has witnessed the greatest humanitarian disasters in the world, resulting food insecurity for millions of people.

Samira Qassim is a mother of 7 daughters and a son. Her husband has passed away, leaving her with a huge burden of responsibility in times of hardship. This poor widow lives in extreme poverty with her little innocent children in Sharqi Hamir sub-district of Shara’b Ar Rawnah district, Taizz governorate.

In every sense of the word, Samira and her children have been deprived from the essential necessities of life. Samira has been both a mother and a father for her children, struggling through difficult ordeals in order to feed her children and keep them alive.

Sorrowfully, this compassionate mother has intended to displace to another area, but she preferred struggling in her own house than losing her dignity “which is the only thing she strongly cares about” in a different area. Samira is a mother to die for. She has sacrificed herself to take good care of her children and retain their dignity.

This tragedy is just an example of so many affected families in Shara’b Ar Rawnah district of Taizz governorate. As a result, a quick emergency response was taken for the whole afflicted community targeting the most affected and vulnerable households and provided them with sufficient access to food baskets for three months.

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