Displaced By the War to a War of Starvation


Somewhere safe, 5 innocent children together with their parents were living in peace. Their environment was stable, and their situation was good. The cute children used to go to school every day, believing that they will become what they have always dreamed of. The great father was working in a restaurant with a sufficient salary to meet all family’s basic needs.

Now what!

Now, their life has totally turned upside down. No place to protect them from getting cold. Children are no longer studying. A father who lost his job is now unable to afford buying even one meal a day. Fleeing from the dreadful war and conflicts to face other war of starvation is the sole meaning of death.

Abubaker’s family has been fiercely displaced by the escalated conflicts in Al-Hudaydah Governorate. Abubakar is now living in extreme poverty with his wife and five children in only one room in Ash Shamayatayn district of Taizz Governorate. This vulnerable family is representing a tragic situation of most internally displaced people in Yemen.

Painfully, Abubakar has a chronic disease in the spine. He has had two operations before. The doctors advised him not to do any kind of work. His wife, Nedhal, is also fighting a disease. She has a stroke and a tumor in the uterus. Her eyesight and blood pressure are in a bad condition. She is always in need of medicine. Now her situation has become worse. She is bedridden and unable to move.

“I feel like I am dying thousands of times the moment I see my children sleeping without having their meal.” Abubakar stated in pain.

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