Training 80 Health Workers on How to Control Cholera Outbreak and Manage Its Critical Cases

Cholera outbreak has affected 21 out of 23 governorates in Yemen and 286 of 333 districts since the beginning of the year. Ibb and As Sayyani districts are among the most affected districts in IBB Governorate. Ibb district reported 8% of the total suspected cases with a total of 1,592 cases and As Sayyani district reported 4% of the total suspected cases with a total of 711 cases.

As a result, RDP is implementing the emergency cholera response project in Ibb and As Sayyani districts to mitigate the impact of the recent cholera outbreak, reduce its transmission and prevent the loss of lives. The project supports 44,154 individuals disaggregated (8,651 men, 9,005 women, 12,979 boys and 13,519 girls) through establishing 2 Diarrhea Treatment Centers (DTCs) and 4 Oral Rehydration Corners (ORCs) in both districts.

From June 19th to July 3rd, 2019, our team conducted four training workshops on infection control and case management for 80 health workers (nurses, ORCs supervisors, pharmacists, DTCs managers, health promoters, and reporters) in the high institute for health science.

 At the end of the training workshops, an evaluation was conducted for all HWs. There was a post-test to assess the extent to which the trainees’ knowledge developed.

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