Yemen’s Displacement Crisis – Only Children Pay the Price

January 19, was the day of a harrowing story experienced by a father of seven children who lost his wife and youngest son due to the escalating hostilities in the southern areas of Al-Hudaydah governorate.

“I was there. I returned home at 11:00 p.m. I heard the blast, felt the heat, and smelled the chemicals released into the air. My house was damaged and turned to rubble. Then I went into a coma. Two days later, I found myself in the hospital with major cuts and bruises. And two of my sons have been seriously injured, one of whom suffered a fractured skull. However; when I tried to find out how my wife feels, I couldn’t get a clear answer from doctors until I was discharged from the hospital. The trauma of knowing about the tragic death of my wife had penetrated deep into my soul, affecting me on every level,” Majid stated.

On January 27, Majid Naji, a man in his late thirties, was forced to flee with his five sons and two daughters to a safe place to survive from the deadly clashes, occurring in the midst of residential areas and putting his family and thousands of civilians at risk. He has displaced with his family to Al-Zalam (the darkness) camp for IDPs in Bajil district of Al-Hudaydah governorate. Majid continued: “After everything happened, we went to bury my wife, and then I started thinking about fleeing to a safe place where I can keep my children safe and secure without exposing them to any harm again. Therefore, I moved to Bajil district with nothing else except my children and deep grief for my wife.”

After two months of displacement, Majid’s youngest son, Mohammed who had a fractured skull, has unfortunately passed away in the camp due to the long-term suffering of severe acute malnutrition. In fact, displaced families lack the very basic needs of living and surviving. Poor sanitation and hygiene in IDPs’ collective sites have resulted in widespread of diseases and outbreaks which adversely affect young children.

Displacement need not be a life torture!