Preventing Further Deterioration of Acute Malnutrition in Ibb, Taizz, Dhamar, and Hajjah

By the continuous support of WFP, RDP continues to prevent further deterioration of nutritional status among children under two (CU2) and pregnant and lactating women (PLW) by distributing blanket supplementary feeding rations to a total of 567,336 CU2 and 397,397 PLW through 657 food distribution points in 16 targeted districts (Al-Udayn, Far AlUdayn, Hazm AlUdayn, Mudhiakhira, Al-Qafr, Sama, As Silw, Shara’ab As Salam, Shara’ab Ar Rownah, Jabal Al-Sharq, Dhowran Aness, Wusab Al-Safil, Wusab Al-Ali, Khayran Al-Muharraq, Mustaba, and Washaha) of Ibb, Taizz, Dhamar, and Hajjah governorates. In January, RDP only distributed BSFP commodities to 1,820 children under two in As Silw district while failing to distribute in other 15 districts due to late delivery of commodities. Besides, RDP reached a total of 15,834 individuals through awareness-raising campaigns on health and nutrition key messages in Taizz and Hajjah governorates.