Perpetual Struggle for Survival

“I wish I weren’t disabled, that way I could take good care of my three crippled children. Thanks are due to the Almighty God for my predestination,” a seventy-year-old woman noted.

Tuqa’a Abdullah and her three disabled children live below the poverty line. Theirs is not so much a life as a perpetual struggle for survival. A family surrounded by hunger and poverty in a freezing cold season.

18 years back, Tuqaa’s husband died, leaving her with a burden of responsibility for three children. All of whom are suffering from a hereditary disease causing all the children severe physical disability from the age of 15 to 20 years old. There is no way I could possibly describe the huge amount of pain this family is suffering from. Certainly, the picture shows more than just words to be written.

The seventy-year-old Tuqaa and her children live in countryside called Ararah, Fara Al-Udayn district, Ibb governorate. She used to get some help from nearby teachers as well as neighbors since the day her husband passed away. However; Yemen became a war-torn country where deadly armed conflicts made it impossible for all community members to find the very basic needs.

“The war in Yemen has left all people without salaries. Neighbors who used to bring me food, are now unable to do so. I swear to God, we often stay two days in a row without food. My children and I are disabled. Who can help us?!” Tuqaa sobbed.

What makes life hard is being disabled, and what makes it even harder is waiting for help. Muheylah, a thirty seven – year – old girl, is a quadriplegic unlike her 35 – year – old brother Taher and her 30 – year – old sister Anisah. Muheylah said,” I wish I weren’t permanently disabled so that I can help my mother around the house. It really hurts me every time I see my mother crawling just to feed us. Despite our disability, we can serve ourselves, but we can’t afford the money for food or drugs.”

This humanitarian tragedy is just an example of hundreds of most – in – need families in Fara Al-Udayn district, Ibb governorate, where all people do pray for rapid humanitarian interventions to sustain their lives.

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