Unexpected Fate

  “All what I hope for is to be able to walk again so that I can work to feed my children,” Abdulraheem said.

Yes, that’s what happened for a simple man who lives with his wife and six children in Al-Romeyah village, Fara Al-Udayn district, Ibb governorate, where the majority of people hope to be seen and heard. Looking after 6 children and trying best to secure their lives in a disaster stricken area is by far the most disappointing feeling a man could ever have. Therefore, the unbearable ordeals and hardships of living in the said countryside had given the “man of the house” no choice other than departing to a different country.

Unfortunately, that was the time when his destiny was never expected.

Abdulraheem has a family to die for. He did everything possible to secure the life of his children, put them through school, and raised them in such good manners. Until the family became bigger and children were grown older, he then decided to build a little house for them, yet he didn’t have the money to do so. Of course, his burning desire encouraged him to borrow whatever it takes to achieve his dream believing that someday he would be able to clear all the debts.

 Unexpectedly, war in Yemen has begun, leaving him burden with debts. Until then Abdulraheem got no other alternative except leaving to wherever country to repay the debts. Traveling to Saudi Arabia was the only thought racing in his mind back then since work opportunity wasn’t hard to come by. Luckily, he found a job the moment he arrived there. Abdulraheem worked as a construction worker. He couldn’t express how much happiness he felt about the new job, yet not every happy beginning has a good ending. Sadly in his first days, while Abdulraheem was working on a very high building, he fell down and broke both his spine and spinal cord.

Fighting for his children’s lives had cost him his life, leaving him in a wheel chair. It kills him the most whenever he looks at his children suffering and not able to do anything about it. “We can’t do anything. We only wait for whatever the neighbors give us to eat,” his wife stated. Additionally, Maya, his youngest daughter in the family, is suffering from severe acute malnutrition which makes it impossible for the family to afford buying her drugs. But one day, Abdulraheem’s wife overheard that RDP is providing health centers with full medical supplies and free treatment for all sick people in the community. As a result, my daughter had taken full medical care, and above all she has received 3 basket foods for 3 months. Finally, Abdulraheem said, “I can’t really express my gratitude to RDP staff for their great support and humanitarian assistance to my family.”

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