Hard-to-Reach Areas with Most Vulnerable Citizens Are Provided with Free Health Services

A poor child dies every three seconds just because he does not have the drugs you and I have! Healthcare needs to be given high importance, and more funds are needed to help save thousands of innocent children.

Primary health care services, IMCI, prenatal care services, natal and post natal care services, emergencies and outbreaks interventions were all provided through the field by RDP’s mobile medical teams who have reached the very far distance and difficult areas in the peripheries of the districts.


During Feb to August, 2017, RDP delivered health services for 22,944 beneficiaries disaggregated (3,622 men 6,503 women 6,534 boys and 6,285 girls) targeting 38 villages in 9 sub districts (Al-Jamaeii, Alakhlud, Turabuh ‘Iishaq, Jurf Zabid, Eaynan, Zabid, Almusaeiduh, Alabru And Bilad Alsheyby) of As Sabrah district and 25 villages in 5 sub districts (Bani Omar, Bani Mabarz, Al-Nakhila, Bani Gema’a, Saif Al- Saffal) of Al Qafr district. Obviously, mobile medical teams had targeted the second and third catchment areas, and provided free health services as the following:

  • Patients provided with healthcare services
  • Mothers provided with pre-natal care
  • Children vaccinated
  • Women provided with reproductive health services
  • Children provided with Vit A supplementation
  • Children provided de-worming
  • Affected people provided with health promotion messages
  • TB with polio vaccines were used immediately after birth.
  • Polio vaccine with pneumococcus pneumoniae and Rota were used as a first dose when the child is 45 days old.
  • Polio vaccine with pentagon with pneumococcus a second dose when the child was two and a half months.

Ultimately, the output of this activity was to increase access of free health services to vulnerable people in As Sabrah and Al Qafr districts.

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