Struggling to Survive – Mohammed Alhimadi

The most beautiful moments a human being could ever live is to play with a child, to see how he crawls for the first time and tries not only to move by himself but also to stand by his both hands regardless of how heavy his body is. A six-month infant is considered to be way more beautiful than anything else in life.

Yet not every child is the same!

Have you ever seen an infant who cannot move his body due to a severe exhaustion, or seen bones without flesh in his small body due to a lack of food so that the infant is not able to play, nor is he able to smile?!

Mohammed Saleh Al-Himadi, who is a six-month infant, lives in “Al- Nakhilah” village where it is difficult to get to. It is located in Ibb governorate particularly in a country that is notorious for constant conflicts which is Yemen.

Mohammed was born to a poverty-stricken family. He is the fifth child among his siblings. His father is a farmer, yet he does not own any. So he works in other farms to earn little money in order to buy basic needs for his family. The problem is that there is no stability in his job; that means he works one day, and the rest of the week passes with nothing; therefore, his family almost stays with no food to fill their empty bellies.

The family’s situation escalated the moment their father had a broken foot. Until he broke his foot, the family used to get little food. Since then, Mohammed had come up with many diseases such as “fever, diarrhea, etc…”However, his family could not afford taking him to the hospital.

How paralyzed does someone feel when he sees his own child is suffering, and he cannot do anything about it. How could Mohammed’s family take him to the hospital without having money & food? As a result, Mohammed became the victim of a severe acute malnutrition which he either fights & lives or quits & dies.

Not only is Mohammed suffering from a severe acute malnutrition, but also his mother is suffering from the same disease too. A mother who does not have anything other than her tears which imply that” We have no money to save our child.” After the intervention RDP’s mobile medical team has launched to provide the child “Mohammed” with Plumpy’ Nut for two months, his medical case has incredibly improved for the better as shown in the picture.

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