Delivering micronutrient supplements to a total of 18,330 CU2 and 98,379 PLW in Ibb, Taizz, and Hajjah Govs

World Food Programme and RDP have been collaborating to prevent widespread malnutrition and to reduce excess mortality among those at-risk by providing micronutrient supplements to a total of 18,330 children under 2 and 98,379 pregnant and lactating women in 12 targeted districts (Far Al Udayn, Al Udayn, Hazm Al Udayn, Mudhaykhirah, Al Qafr, Sama, As Silw, Shara’b Ar Rawnah, Shara’b As Salam, Khayran Al Muharraq, Mustaba, Washhah) of Ibb, Taizz, and Hajjah governorates. Besides, RDP reached a total of 59,191 of population disaggregated as (4,753 men and 54,438 women) through awareness-raising campaigns on health and nutrition key messages.