Benefiting Neediest Families in Remote Areas Through General Food Distribution in Al-Bayda

Saving lives and protecting the nutritional status of the most affected people are what we have been seeking to achieve and that is what keeps us going on. For that, our FSL team have launched March distribution cycle of “General Food Assistance for the most Vulnerable Households” in (Wald Rabe’e, Al Malagim, As Swadyah) districts of Al-Bayda Governorate, targeting 7,630 HHs of 53,410 individuals disaggregated (21,364 men, 22,219 women, 4,806 boys, 5,021 girls). In addition to that, our FSL field team have provided 792 children U2 with Plumpy doz to prevent them from being acutely malnourished in Wald Rabe’e district of Al-Bayda Governorate.

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