YES! It’s the Place Where Hunger & Death Are Met

Between two boundaries … exactly in the middle, a border village … the end of a city and the beginning of another.

It is always said that “Things in the middle are the best,” but it turns out to be the opposite for Al-Nakhala sub district which is located in an unlucky spot. It is the outer edge of Al-Qafr district in Ibb governorate and adjacent to Ottama district in Dhamar governorate. Unfortunately, its unlucky location made it somehow difficult if not possible to get humanitarian assistance from either district.

Al-Nakhala (Palm), whoever hears the name of this village thinks that it is enriched with abundance of dates, yet it is merely a name with nothing more than vulnerable citizens whose bodies are the only thing left in it.

Al-Nakhala’s children were someday soldiers, but now the war has left them with no salaries just as innocent victims whom their families became in acute need for food and drugs. Hopelessly, the village has no health center which can be approach by affected people, but even if there was, vulnerable people do not have the luxury to afford the transportation cost.

Therefore, RDP’s mobile medical teams targeted six identified villages in Al-Nakhala sub district to be included in the program of acute malnutrition treatment. Accordingly, the fact that it takes two hours from the DHO to Al-Nakhala sub district makes MMTs to pay one field visit every other week.

As soon as RDP’s mobile medical teams arrived to the village, they got shocked by the unbelievable huge amount of acutely malnourished pregnant and lactating women that reached to over 70 cases. “Qarinah, Al-Namar, Al-Diyq, Himd, Fyrwz, Hamrisa,” these were the targeted villages in Al-Nakhala sub district. Besides, Qarinah has reached to approximately 40 cases of pregnant and lactating women whose children as well are suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

Consequently, RDP’s mobile medical teams decided to increase the number of field visitations to five visits every two weeks so that way they could reach and provide all cases with Soya, P.sup and P.nut, which were given by World Food Program (WFP) for Al-Nakhala sub district.

Being in the middle of two boundaries may not seem very bad, but it is the worst for Al-Nakhala sub district, which in one hand has been greatly affected by war and internally marginalized on the other hand.

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