Victim of Two Wars

Isn’t it agonizing for an aged man with physical disability to abandon his own house, seeking a safe place to protect his eight little children from the long-running war? Indeed, reaching to the age of eighty while you keep struggling to survive is something impossible to endure even by much younger and healthier people.


Talib Ali Abdullah Aqila’an, an eighty-year-old man, has eight children (3 sons – 5 daughters). He is originally from Al-Hudaydah governorate, which is known for its severe poverty, and thousands of its people suffer greatly from the basic necessities of life.

In 1994, Talib lost his hand and had a broken leg as a result of the deadly war back then. Tragically, this war had forced him to flee to a safe area called (Haiys) in Al-Hudaydah Gov. However, in 2018, the same tragic incident happened to Talib and his family. Another war has forced him to abandon his house for the second time and flee to a neighboring area.

Sorrowfully, the poor old man with his innocent children are now living in a room with no walls just a ceiling to keep them out of the dying sunshine. It’s a mountainous place in Al-Ahmol sub-district of Fara Al-Udayn district, Ibb governorate. This poor family has gone through almost all difficulties of life. They have even suffered from acute shortage of water, which is easily accessible by everyone. Unfortunately, for this family, the only available source of water is 6 Kms far from them.

Therefore, Relief and Development Peer Foundation has implemented the project of Water Trucking for two months that is funded by Sign of Hope e.V. targeting all Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Al-Ahmol sub-district of Fara Al-Udayn district, Ibb governorate. Clearly, all IDPs, including this poor family were only happy and satisfied during the period of the project as the aged man “Talib” kept asking us over & over again “What is after two months?!”

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