Ultimate Sacrifice

“My nine-year-old son “Mohammed” left school to work with a tailor in another village. He is all I have in my life to take responsibility for the whole family. Being physically disabled is the only reason why I cannot shoulder some of the burden with my little son who sacrificed himself for us. Indeed, to be dead is way more comfortable than to see my own little children deeply suffer and not able to do a thing” Stated the father.

Ahmed Qaid Al-Maqraei lives an agonizing life with his wife and seven children (6 daughters, 1 son) in Awjoh sub-district of Mawiyah district, Taizz Gov. Sadly, it’s been six years since he became totally paralyzed. Ahmed is greatly suffering from severe spinal injuries due to a car accident. He cannot move any of his limbs unless his children help him.

Belonging to an extremely poor family made all seven children sacrifice themselves for the care of their father. Ahmed’s 6 daughters gave up studying in order to look after their father. They have to walk for three Kilometers to fetch water and gather some pieces of wood every single day. In addition to that, the only son Ahmed has in life is now working very far away from his family just to earn little money and returns back home once a month to provide his family with the basic needs, including his father’s drugs.

What a tragedy! Children lost their happy moments of childhood. A father cannot help looking at his children suffering anymore. This poor family is in fact living in pain, and their life is nothing more than a perpetual struggle to survive. What brought this family a huge relief was the assistance of food baskets which were provided for three months by Relief and Development Peer Foundation (RDP).

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