Hope Is the Only Thing That Lives Inside These Young Children.


Is life a tragedy or there is some hope?!


“Our father died of a massive heart attack 4 years ago. Our mother also died of cancer 3 years right after the death of our dad. He was a teacher. Our dad was the only source of income. We don’t have money, nor do we have anything to eat,” the teacher’s kids stated.


Six siblings were left alone at a tough time. Whom would be the comfort for their souls when the world is too much to handle. Who would be there when they needed to talk. The compassion of a mother is gone. The love and care of a father are also gone. Life becomes too complicated and nothing more than a perpetual struggle for them. Only Nawal, the paternal aunt who devoted her whole life, is looking after them.


Al-Flaha’a is one of the most affected villages in Bani Ahmed sub district, Fara Al-Udayn district, Ibb governorate. It is the place where this vulnerable family lives. A fifteen-year-old Asra’a is the oldest member of the family, Ghaza is at the age of 13, Raghed is 11 years old, Dhuha is 8 years old, Muntadher, the only boy of this family, is at the age of 5, and the youngest girl Jana is 3 years old. All of whom have made a living out of their father’s pension until the war began and took away the only source of their income.


“School has begun, yet we couldn’t afford buying its materials like any other child. We cannot even afford money for drugs, food, or clothes. Only an expatriate helped us with school materials, but they weren’t enough,” Asra’a noted. Sadly, the community itself lacks all basic needs including medical supplies for health centers.


“Jana had a fever, diarrhea and severe acute malnutrition. I couldn’t take her to the health center due to money issues. A friend of mine told me that RDP is providing health centers with full medical supplies and free treatment for all community members. Thus, Jana had all medical care, and she has also received 3 food baskets for 3 months as being malnourished. Thanks God, Jana has become way much better now,” Nawal stated. Clearly, RDP humanitarian intervention has made a huge impact for the whole community.


“We promised to never give up no matter how many hardships we face, and tough times we go through because we believe that after a dark night, there is a bright day,” siblings said.



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