Supporting Health Facilities to Work Again

“This health unit has been closed since 2017. You will never imagine the high population density in this sub-district with more people deprived from free primary healthcare services. On top of that, most of the population cannot afford the costs for such services in the nearby sub-district private health center.” A community member stressed that.

Ash Sharqi health unit is located in Mudhaikhera district of Ibb Governorate. It is one of the health facilities that has been affected by the ongoing conflict. Sadly, this unit was closed and has never received any humanitarian assistance for the past three years, resulting a huge number of patients.

Therefore, for the entire year of 2018, RDP has implemented the integrated nutrition, health and food security project in Mudhiakhera district of Ibb Governorate, targeting health facilities with dire needs as Al-Sharqi HU was one of them. The objective of the project was to ensure adequate access to life-saving and primary healthcare services for most vulnerable and affected population.

Fortunately, Ash Sharqi health unit is back again, delivering essential and free health services for vulnerable people with acute humanitarian needs. A total of 10,330 individuals disaggregated (952 men, 3596 women, 2685 boys, 3097 girls) were successfully served in Al-Sharqi HU during 2018.

Clearly, reopening such a health facility during this very difficult time is considered a great challenge as it is one of the most important priorities for RDP. Furthermore, this project finished on Dec 31st, 2018, but RDP ensured continuation of the services provided in this health facility in 2019 as it is one of the most important project achievements RDP is proud of.

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