Help Cure Most in Need Children in Silent Villages

More than 60 villages in Al-Qafar and As-Sabrah districts where horrendous number of vulnerable people became mostly in need for lifesaving nutrition services, are getting the humanitarian assistance they need to sustain at least the lives of malnourished children.

On Feb 25th, 2017, RDP’s mobile medical teams supporting by community health volunteers were deployed for the provision of nutrition services in Al-Qafar and As-Sabrah districts. Community health volunteers as well conducted home-to-home initial MUAC screening to identify the malnourished children 6-59 months and pregnant lactating women (PLW).

During the period of Feb to August, 2017, RDP delivered nutrition services for 19,501 beneficiaries disaggregated (7599 boys- 7199 girls – 4703 PLW) targeting 38 villages in 9 sub districts (Al-Jamaeii, Alakhlud, Turabuh ‘Iishaq, Jurf Zabid, Eaynan, Zabid, Almusaeiduh, Alabru And Bilad Alsheyby) of As Sabrah district and 25 villages in 5 sub districts (Bani Omar, Bani Mabarz, Al-Nakhila, Bani Gema’a, Saif Al- Saffal) of Al Qafr district.

Additionally, children under five and PLW were admitted to different CMAM programs such as ( OTP, TSFP ) according to the CMAM criteria not to mention that complicated cases were referred to inpatient care program by RDP mobile medical team. The malnourished children under five admitted to OTP and TSFP were followed biweekly until they were cured and discharged from the respective program. For the malnourished PLW with MAM admitted to TSFP, they were provided with super cereal until six months of delivery. However, SAM and MAM cases, who were not cured, had to be transferred to the nearest health facilities to get the treatment completed at the end of the project period.

Against these enormous challenges,  RDP has impressively provided assistance that directly saved or let’s just say improved the lives of more than 20 thousand  vulnerable people and increased the access of children as well as women through nutrition services  in both districts.

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