RDP Supports 104 FDPs with BSFP Services in Four Districts of IBB Governorate

Blanket Supplementary Feeding Program is aiming to contribute to the prevention of malnutrition among all children under 2 years and pregnant and lactating women in the targeted districts. It is done through distributing Plumpy Doz and WSB+ commodities in targeted food distributing points (FDPs).

During April, RDP nutrition teams have distributed 204.638 Metric tons of Super Cereal plus for 34,097 Pregnant Lactating Women (PLW) and 36.45 Metric Tons of Plumpy’Doz for 24,230 children under 2 in approximately 104 Food Distribution Points (FDPs) over four Districts (Far Al-Udayn, Hazm Al-Udayn, Mudhiakhera, and Al-Udayn) of IBB Governorate.

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