Preventing widespread malnutrition among those at-risk in 16 districts

Within the blanket supplementary feeding program, RDP, in partnership with World Food Programme (WFP), provided micronutrient supplements to a total of 122,430 of children under 2 and 142,335 pregnant and lactating women to prevent widespread malnutrition and to reduce excess mortality among those at-risk through 657 food distribution sites in 16 targeted districts (Far Al Udayn , Al Udayn , Hazm Al Udayn  Mudhaykhirah, Al Qafr, Sama, As Silw, Shara’b Ar Rawnah, Shara’b As Salam, Dawran Aness, Jabal Ash Sharq, Wusab Al Ali, Wusab As Safil, Khayran Al Muharraq, Mustaba, Washhah) of Ibb, Taizz, Dhamar, and Hajjah governorates.